Senior Loan Officer Andy Yauss from The Oceanside Team of Direct Mortgage Loans started his career in the mortgage industry in 2012. His journey began when he moved to Florida and decided to take a leap of faith; Andy quit his salaried job to pursue a 100% commission-based position working as a Loan Officer. Despite his friends and family thinking he was going through a “mini mid-life crisis,” he can confidently say 11 years later that it was one of the best decisions he ever made. 

Andy is a true advocate for his clients and a man of his word. He makes it his goal to treat all clients the way he would want to be treated if going through the homebuying process. When asked what he loves most about working in the industry he states, “Getting the opportunity to work with incredible people and see all the different walks of life, professions, culture, etc. I love being able to grow my network and build lifelong partnerships and relationships with the people I meet along the way.”  

Outside of work, Andy enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife and two young kids, Aubree and Jackson. Life has changed a lot for him in the last couple of years and he tries his best to soak up every minute of it.  

Andy- The dedication and the care you show to your clients are inspiring, and we’re grateful to have you on the DML team. We look forward to your continued success and growth!