Jan Ozga
Jan OzgaChief Strategy Officer

Get to Know Jan Ozga

Jan Ozga began his career in the mortgage industry 28 years ago, after spending more than 15 years working in hospitality. Despite transitioning to a new and unfamiliar industry, he was able to draw upon the skills he had developed in hospitality and applied them to his work in the mortgage world. Throughout his career Jan has championed cultures that make work environments fun and inclusive, and by nurturing relationships he helped exponentially increase sales in his previous positions. Specifically, as Chief Strategy Officer and a member of The Executive Leadership Team, Jan’s responsibilities include assessment and implementation of strategic initiatives; growth-based special projects; recruiting and sourcing candidates for employment; assessment and recommendations regarding branch architecture; deal structuring; acting as a brand ambassador for the company; full member of the Executive Leadership Team; and advisor to the CEO and President. 

“None of the numbers and “successes” along the way can hold a candle to my greatest success of all. My greatest success and my only measurement in life are when years later I get approached by someone who thanks me for taking my time to believe in them, pour my heart over them, and genuinely care about their success over my own.”- Jan Ozga