Entertaining guests this summer? Get outdoors with DML this summer! Review our Direct Mortgage Loans Scavenger Hunt for a fun checklist of items to complete with your friends and family this summer. 

Direct Mortgage Loans Scavenger Hunt

Direct Mortgage Loans Koozie
  1. Take a photo with a 1st Responder 
  2. Take a photo at a Concert 
  3. Take a photo jumping on a Trampoline
  4. Take a photo at a National Monument 
  5. Take a photo with a Stranger 
  6. Take a poolside selfie with DML Gear
  7. Take a photo jumping in a fountain
  8. Take a photo with a State Welcome Sign 
  9. Take a photo on a Horse
  10. Take a photo while hiking 
  11. Take a photo of your Pet in a DML Bandana
  12. Spell DML with People

Additionally, here is a list of yard games and activities that are sure to create lasting memories with your friends and family. 

Yard Games and Actives for the Outdoors

Review our list of  yard games and activities for the outdoors that are sure to create lasting memories with your friends and family.

corn hole outdoors

Corn Hole

Purchase a corn hole set or DIY it! This fun yard game can be a 1-on-1 or 2-v-2, and even turned into a tournament with your guests.

bocce outdoors


This classic game can be played throughout your yard casually with a drink-in-hand –don’t forget your DML Koozie!

giant jenga outdoors

Giant Jenga

This one is a party favorite! Show your guests who has steady hands by removing and adding wooden blocks to create a tall tower.

Polish Horseshoe AKA Beersbee

This is a fun frisbee game where the goal is to knock off the opposing team’s bottle from their stake and catching yours if it falls off!

Kan Jam

Another great frisbee classic where the goal is the aim the frisbee into the can or have your teammate knock it inside!

Outdoor Movie Screen

Summer is a great time for an outdoor movie! Rent a projector from your local library or order one online to project your favorite movie onto a wall or a hanging bedsheet.

Spike Ball

This is an entertaining game to watch AND play! Players must be agile and quick to prevent the spike ball from hitting the ground.

Wiffle Ball

Who doesn’t love a classic game of wiffle ball If you’re looking to cool down on a hot day, play with water balloons!

slip n slide outdoors

DIY Slip n’ Slide

Do you have a tarp lying around? Lay it out in your yard, preferably downhill. Pour dish soap onto the tarp and wet it down with a hose. Then you’re ready to slide through the day!

If you’re looking for financing options to create the dream backyard you’ve always wanted, contact a team member today.