Underwriting Manager and Industry Veteran, Rick Phillips, has been servicing home buyers and changing lives for 30+ years. His dedication to his work has made him the absolute best, impacting lives of both his fellow DML family members and clients alike.

Rick was recognized this year by his colleagues as a recipient of DML’s Mission, Vision, Values Award. Rick says, “I truly believe that my experience and knowledge is meant to be shared to allow everyone I come in contact with to be the best they can be. There is nothing more fulfilling in seeing someone learn something new and feeling more impowered in their own knowledge and experience.”

Rick is constantly being recognized by fellow employees as going above and beyond and making sure home buyers can achieve home ownership. Working late hours and being the extremely detail person he is, is only a small example of how much of an impact Rick makes on other people’s lives.

Rick and his family are active with Spot’s Last Stop, local to his community in Minnesota. They contribute to the rescue by providing a space for them to bring in an average of 40 puppies and dogs every month from Alabama. He currently provides a space where these rescue pets can settle in before being moved to their foster homes.

Rick, we are so proud of who you are in and out of the office. We couldn’t be happier to have you on our team. You are humble, thoughtful, and passionate – we commend your contributions and couldn’t be happier for your successes!

If you are interested in contributing to Spot’s Last Stop this Giving Tuesday, learn more on their website: Spot’s Last Stop.