Interested in purchasing a home, but not sure what type of work goes into the process? Don’t worry! There is a lot of work that comes from all parties involved, but your lender will be there to help you the entire way!

Your mortgage lender has a lengthy list of tasks they complete for you from pre-approval to closing of escrow to make sure the journey is a successful one. Here are just a handful of things that are done behind the scenes to help you secure your dream home:

Determine Your Buying Power. Your lender will work with you through the pre-approval process so you know how much house you can afford. Your lender will get to know you better as a buyer and truly understand what you are looking for.

Recommend Mortgage Products. After learning your financial situation, your lender will recommend mortgage products that best suit your financial goals (i.e. comfortable monthly payment, down payment funds available, etc.). You will be able to discuss these options with your lender and they can give you guidance on what loan makes best sense for your needs.

Explain Mortgage Paperwork. If there are questions about the mortgage process, or paperwork, your lender is available to clarify. They will give you an itemized list of the loan and walk you through what everything means.

Recommend Professionals. Your lender is available to recommend highly reputable professionals that will help you during every step. They will guide you with their personal network or partners that can help you with negotiations, home inspection, appraisal, etc. Take advantage of their resources!

Help You Navigate the Loan and Closing Process. Leading to the closing table, you and your lender will work hand-in-hand to close on your home as quickly as possible. Your lender will answer all your questions and make sure the home buying journey moves as seamless as possible for you!

If you are interested in purchasing a home and not sure where to start, contact a team member and we’ll guide you through this journey!