We recognize the special place that our pets have in our lives, so it’s important to consider their needs when searching for your forever home. We’ve outlined the top five criteria to consider when house hunting:

1. Does the home have an HOA?

A Homeowner’s Association (HOA), is an organization that maintains and regulates the atmosphere in a community. They strive to maintain the neighborhood. If you’re considering a home within an HOA, it’s important to ensure that your pet is welcome and accepted. Various communities have breed and weight restrictions.

2. Is there space for your pet’s exercise needs?

If you have a pet who like to roam, run around, and play outside, make sure the yard is suitable in size and safety (think fencing). If the yard does not have a fence, and the home is within an HOA, review the covenants to see if the neighborhood allows fences. If not, does the neighborhood have a pet-friendly park? Are there sidewalks?

3. Can your pet handle the stairs?

If you’re considering a multi-level home, take into consideration the stairs. Can your pet age comfortably in the home? Just like us, our pets need special care as they age.

4. If considering a condo, how is your pet with an elevator?

While we love getting in our daily exercise, an elevator is helpful when living in a high-rise. If you’re considering this type of home, how is your pet on the elevator? Will he/she do well with the distance between your front door and the outdoors?

5. Are there local pet services in the area?

Moving to a new town? Research local veterinarians and make yourself aware of the local animal hospitals in case of emergencies.

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