The sun is out and so are many people. This summer has a continuous trend of spending more time outdoors, at home, following the pandemic. Whether it’s cooking or relaxing, people are adding some trending outdoor extensions to their home (talk about indoor outdoor living)!

Outdoor Kitchens

Yes, you read that right. Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more common. In fact, about 60% of homeowners are interested in adding an outdoor kitchen to their home. These outdoor kitchens could mean a variety of things from a pizza oven to a full-blown kitchen. It is nice to be able to cook and entertain in your own backyard, and they do look cool!

Concrete Furniture

According to the people at Living Spaces, the search for outdoor concrete furniture is up 7% this summer. This is probably due to the minimalist and neutral look of this furniture, as minimalism is also a trend this year. This shows how many more people are prioritizing their outdoor spaces now. Regardless of the reason, this trend is making for some very aesthetic patios!

Gardens, Gardens, Gardens.

Both big and small, gardens are in right now. Many people are creating full size gardens in their yards, where they grow their own produce. With more time at home, this is now possible for many. Other people are introducing “mini gardens” to their doorsteps. This consists of putting plants and even herbs in individual pots!

Privacy Structures.

With more time being spent outside, people are desiring their own privacy when they are in their backyard. From fences to large bushes, to aesthetic walls, these structures are reasonably trending.


Along with the theme of more living spaces outdoors, firepits are being bought and built at trending speeds this summer. A firepit is a perfect addition to allow more outdoor entertainment in your own space. According to Fixr experts, 41% agree that outdoor fireplaces and firepits are also a main way to adapt outdoor spaces for year-round use.

These are just a few of the home trends this summer going along with a commo theme of more outdoor indoor living and entertainment. Use our services and refinance with us to make these outdoor dreams a reality! Follow us on social media to keep up with more trends or buy a house of your own!