Spring is here and now is the time to refresh your home for the warmer weather!. Below we have listed a variety of home maintenance and exterior projects that will get you ready to enjoy your outdoor spaces throughout the rest of the season:

Inspect Your Home: Whether you hire someone to inspect your home or do a thorough check yourself, it is important to make sure after a harsh winter that your home’s features are still intact. The following are places to inspect:

  • Check your foundation for cracks.
  • Inspect your roof for any potential leaks.
  • Check your gutters to make sure they are clean and fully operational.
  • Have a chimney sweep completed, and make sure everything is functioning properly.
  • Check the exterior faucets to make sure there are no leaks.
  • Inspect the concrete and walkways around your home to make sure there are no cracks or uneven surfaces.
  • Make sure your HVAC systems are running well, and that all filters have been changed and vacuumed for clean air flow.

Yard Work: Time to get your hands dirty to refresh your landscape! Below are some tasks to get your yard in tip-top shape:

  • Fertilize, re-seed and cut your grass as needed.
  • Weed your gardens and walkways.
  • Add fresh mulch to your flower beds.
  • Trim your hedges and trees and prune any dead branches.
  • Plant some fresh flowers and luscious plants.

Power Wash Exteriors: Now is a good time to clean-up your exteriors! Brighten up and clean off winter messes by power washing the following:

  • Driveway
  • Walkways
  • Exterior home walls and fences
  • Patios and Porches
  • Deck (Don’t forget to reseal them!)
  • Outdoor furniture

Other Cleaning and Repairs to Get Done: Make sure that all parts of your home are functional and put together:

  • Check grill hoses and clean your grill to prevent grease fires.
  • Attach hoses and turn on exterior water sources.
  • Clean windows and sliding doors, both the glass and tracks!
  • Clear lawn of leaves, sticks, and branches.
  • Touch up exterior paints to brighten up your curb appeal, as needed.
  • Perform any pool cleaning and maintenance as the weather gets warmer.