The home buying process can feel busy at times, but we are here to help guide you through the process and make it as seamless as possible. There are 5 important things to remember to do before and after closing on your house that might not seem so important during all the endless paperwork and phone calls. Below we have highlighted those items that you should make a priority when getting ready to become a homeowner!

Plan renovations well in advance. If the place needs work, don’t wait until you’ve closed to engage a professional. Shop around for quotes and make sure that the projects will all be within your planned budget. Materials can be expensive so be sure all expenses are known ahead of time!

Set up utilities. The best plan is to call the utility companies and get service set up well before closing. This also includes making sure you have your cable, wi-fi and landlines set-up to be active the day of move-in.

Change the locks. The first person you should call after getting the keys is a locksmith, assume that everyone has a key to your new home. If you want to do it yourself, head over to your local hardware store and pick out a nice pair of doorknobs and locks. They are simple to install, most come with instructions and hardware inside their packages.

Hire a cleaning crew. Assume the worst and get a professional cleaning crew in there the minute after closing, even if the seller did clean. If you aren’t able to get a crew out at the time you need, make sure you set aside some cleaning products and paper towels to get started!

Have a handyman on call. While it may seem like a luxury, investing a few hundred dollars in hiring someone to help with these tasks will save time and worries. If you are able to make your own repairs, make sure that when you’re packing that you set aside your tools to be easily accessible through all of the unboxing havoc.

And that’s it! Make sure you’re stay organized when packing for the move and when you’re ready to move in. It will help save you from a headache during your closing and move-in date!