You’ve paid your down payment, signed your name a zillion times and are now a homeowner. Congratulations!

You have officially purchased what is likely your largest financial investment. Now what? After celebrating your accomplishment, take note of these seven post-closing steps you won’t want to miss.

  1. Change the locks – While you will most likely receive all house keys at closing, you can never be too safe. Change the locks to protect you and your family.
  2. Update your driver’s license – Most states require your address to be updated within 30 days of moving. We recommend setting a calendar reminder to follow up with your state’s MVA two weeks after closing. This will give you time to settle into your new home beforehand.
  3. Update utilities – Changing the utilities into your name is best to do before closing, with the transfer date set as your closing date. This will ensure no lapse in service. At this time, you should also consider setting cable/internet installations.
  4. Forward your mail – Visit to update your address and to set-up forward mailing. You’ll want to update ASAP to ensure you don’t miss important mail.
  5. Write your home buying team a review – Did you love the team that helped you throughout your home buying journey? The best compliments you can give your team are an online review of your experience and a referral to someone you know that could benefit from their services.
  6. Update your address – Think about the businesses who have your old address on record (employers, banks, credit card companies, etc.). You’ll need to update your contact information with each business. Thankfully, most of the changes can be completed online!
  7. Save closing documents – Whether you prefer a paper or electronic version, save a copy of your closing documents for your personal records. It’s a good reference should you have questions in the future.

Buying a home is an exciting achievement, but being a responsible homeowner starts at the closing table. After signing and receiving the keys to your home, set yourself up for a smooth transition by following the seven post-closing steps we’ve outlined. Questions about what to expect after closing? Call our team today! 410.878.9730