If you’re looking for a rewarding relationship there’s none other than homeownership! Your home will test you, force you to learn things you never thought you’d know (i.e. how your HVAC system works), and will be the space where you’ll make cherished memories. If you’re considering a home purchase, here are five of the reasons you will fall in love with homeownership:

  1. Pride – Your home is yours. You can customize the space to your personality. You don’t have to worry about a landlord – although if you purchase a home in a HOA, be sure to abide by their rules and regulations.
  2. Education – Studies show that homeownership has a positive impact on academic achievements.
  3. Pets – One of our favorite reasons! As a homeowner, you can adopt the animal you choose without worrying about breed restrictions.
  4. Minimize Your Debt – Your home equity can be used to pay off other debts (i.e. student loans, auto loans, credit card debt, etc.).
  5. Sense of Belonging – Owning a home creates stronger ties to your neighborhood, and a sense of community.

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