Houses are being sold in days. Sellers are choosing offers way over their asking price. Buyers are dealing with defeat repeatedly. Yet so many people continue to pick up and move homes; why are people still moving?

  1. People are working from home.

As the pandemic hit, a lot of people had to adjust and work from home. With that, many people are now able to continue working remote permanently as companies found success in it. According to Apartment List, people “no longer tethered to a physical job site, remote workers were 53 percent more likely to move this past year than on-site workers.” Trending, many people are moving further away from the city, since they do not need to physically go into work, enabling people to obtain more efficient house prices.

  1. At-home fitness trends are on the rise.

A recent survey by RunRepeat reported that at-home fitness equipment is trending among adults by up to 50 percent more than ever before; online fitness training is up by 17 percent. With at-home fitness trends on the rise, many are finding the need to have room to upkeep a healthy lifestyle in their homes.

  1. Needing more outdoor space.

With families spending more time at home than ever before, people are yearning for more outdoor space as part of their homes. BHG, a home magazine company, articulated that many trends such as year-round outdoor living space, outdoor kitchens, a social front yard, and private outdoor structures are escalating. As previous homes may not allow enough space for outdoor expansions, people are looking to move.

Regardless of the crowded 2021 housing market, people are continuing to move due to the need for more efficient space. If you are experiencing any of these reasons to move, do not be timid to step out in this market. Check out our article for navigating this market and reach out to us for your home loan necessities.