Direct Mortgage Loans was built on the values of accountability, transparency and teamwork, which is why we believe supporting our employees through collaboration is the key to becoming the #1 mortgage company in the industry. Learn about the ways we instill collaboration over competition and a taste of our culture!  

  • Peer to Peer Mentorship: While our teams compete to be #1 within the company, there is a community of collaboration, uplifting, and coaching that helps elevate everyone’s growth opportunities. 
  • DML Masterclass: Forum for Branch Manager and Loan Officers to learn from each other and sharpen their skills. Bi-weekly, DML Branch Managers and Loan Officers collaborate to learn from each other’s skillsets.  
  • Monday Meetings: These virtual weekly meetings notify DML employees of any company changes or important announcements. Additionally, our Monday Meetings serve to connect branches all over the country and allow everyone to voice any questions or concerns they have!  

Supporting Charitable Causes

Direct Mortgage Loans is proud to support our local community and several charities. Read more about our work in the community by reading our blog, Wrapping Up 2021: DML Style!  

  • Fraternal Order of Police: As the official lender partner of the Fraternal Order of Police, we are proud to contribute to the FOP’s charities. Each month we recognize a member of law enforcement through our Nominate an Officer Program. The monthly recognition includes a write up on our website and social media channels, thank you gift and a donation, in their name, to the FOP Foundation. If you would like to submit a nomination, click here to learn more! Read more about the ways we support our FOP members by reading our blog, National Coffee With a Cop Day!  
  • Baltimore Hunger Project: DML’s employees have volunteered to help the Baltimore Hunger Project package and deliver food to children.  
  • Catch-a Lift-Fund: On Veteran’s Day, DML hosted their annual virtual fitness challenge to support the Catch-A-Lift Fund (CAL). Furthermore, with the support of DML’s employees and community, we were able to raise and donate over $2K to CAL! 

Support & Recognition  

  • Rec Meetings: Every month DML holds a Recognition Meeting to acknowledge and admire our employees’ hard work. Throughout the month, peers will submit shoutouts and vote for their department’s MVP which we then announce during the meeting. Our recognition meetings serve as a way for our growing company to connect with one another and celebrate each other’s accomplishments!  
  • Department Trainings: Our department trainings serve as an opportunity to learn about changes in industry and educate ourselves on mortgage rules and regulations. Additionally, our training ensures that all DML employees understand the logistics so we can provide our very best mortgage solutions.  

Pride Events

Swag Competition: Employees showed off their DML swag for a chance to win a $500 gift card. Our competition was a huge success and 64 team members submitted and posted photos in their swag. 

Super Bowl Square: The Pride Committee held their first Super Bowl Block Pool this year! All employees were encouraged to reserve a box. Four winners were awarded an Amazon or American Express gift card based on the total points scored per quarter.  

Secret Cupid: To celebrate Valentine’s Day, DML hosted a Secret Cupid, Virtual Happy Hour! This event included a gift exchange where all who chose to participate were assigned a “secret cupid” to send a gift to.  

DML Spotlights: In order to learn more about our DML family, we share a spotlight once a month highlighting different members of our team. Our spotlights include a write up based on a series of questions answered by the team member, which is then shared to our social media platforms!  

These are just a few ways Direct Mortgage Loans encourages collaboration throughout our company. If you’re interested in joining our DML family, then review our open job opportunities!