For many of us, working remotely has become the new normal. Although many prefer working from home, it has posed some challenges for those who struggle to stay connected and find a work-life balance. Luckily, Direct Mortgage Loans understands just how important these issues can be which is why we have compiled a list of ways our teams stay connected across the miles!

Team Spirit Week

  • Pajama Monday: Kick off the week right by wearing your favorite pair of pajamas and slippers! Who doesn’t love dressing down? Don’t forget to take group photos and post them to social media with the caption Pajama Monday!
  • Tie Dye Tuesday: Wear your favorite piece of tie dye clothing, or even set a time to dye matching shirts with your team. Take group photos and post them to social media with the hashtag Tie Dye Tuesday.
  • Self-Care Wednesday: Self-care is giving the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you. Take some time for you and your team to unplug and relax. Some great self-care activities include a manicure/pedicure, going shopping or having your own spa day!
  • Anything But a Cup: Plan a happy hour with the theme “anything but a cup” for your drink of choice. Create a contest out of it – whoever has the most creative idea wins one hour of PTO.
  • Fancy Friday: Many of us have been living in our sweatpants and pajamas right now, but Fancy Friday is a great excuse to get dressed up and feel fabulous. Dust off the evening dresses and tuxes, and share selfies, stories, and videos with the hashtag #FancyFriday.

DML Culture

  • Recognition Meeting: Once a month, Direct Mortgage Loans holds a virtual meeting to celebrate and recognize our employees. We use this meeting to celebrate accomplishments and stay connected each month. Mix it up by adding a theme. For example, if a holiday is near the date of the meeting, encourage attendees to dress their best for the holiday.
  • Step Challenge: As a company, host a Step Challenge to encourage camaraderie, and healthy habits. DML has hosted these over a three-week time. Employees can participate by taking screenshots of their daily steps. Amazon gift cards will be awarded for the top 3 participants with the greatest number of steps.
  • Virtual Coffee Chats: Host a virtual “Coffee & Chat” session with your team to catch up. Schedule a 30-minute meeting once a month for your co-workers and team members to drop in and stay connected no matter where they’re working from.
  • Quarterly Swag Gift: Gift your team with some company swag to show your appreciation. Some gift ideas include customized headphones, drinkware, and apparel. Last quarter, Direct Mortgage Loans gifted their employees a customized Tervis, and it was a huge hit! We asked all recipients to take pictures and post to social media when they received it! 

Direct Mortgage loans was built on family values and a passion for our team to feel empowered, supported, and motivated. We hope you can implement some of these fun ideas to create a positive culture and work-life balance!

If you’re looking to join the DML family, contact us!