House plants have a way of livening up a space they’re in, and they’re also shown to boost moods, and eliminate air pollutants – making your home healthier for you. If you’re interested in livening up your home but don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry! There are a variety of easy house plants that everyone could take care of! Below we have highlighted 8 house plants, some requiring little to no attention, that will brighten up your home:

1. Golden Pothos

You can ignore this plant and it will still grow a long and beautiful vine! Only needing bright and indirect light, golden pothos does not need to be watered daily and only requires water once the soil dries out.

2. Spider Plant

Generally sitting in a hanging container, this plant can help add dimension to your living space with its voluminous nature. Spider plants grow best in a bright window with indirect sunlight with light watering.

3. Snake Plant

This plant can survive any sort of light (dark corners to bright windows) and requires water only once the soil dries out. This is a great plant for rooms that don’t have many windows!

4. Peace Lily

Thriving in shade and filtered light, these plants need moist soil. If you notice that it has started to wilt, fear not! A thorough watering will bring them right back to life! Added bonus, this plant will bloom multiple times per year.

5. ZZ Plant

These low-maintenance plants can survive without natural light, but do best in indirect and bright lights! If you tend to forget to water your plants, your ZZ will survive. This plant does best when the soil dries out before watering again.

6. Rattlesnake Plant

This lively plant will open and close as the sun rises and sets! Consistent watering is key, but overwatering will make its vibrant spots disappear or turn it’s leaves yellow.

7. Philodendron

These long-growing plants require bright and indirect light, as well as soil that is not over watered. These beautiful plants can be great accent for rooms that lack color and dimension.

8. Polka Dot Plant

Needing indirect, bright light, and an average watering schedule, your polka dot plants will add that pop of color that you need in your living space.

House plants can help add the dimension or a pop of color that you need to liven up your living spaces! Visit a local plant store to learn more about what type of houseplant would do best in your care.

*** Plant care information is sourced from The Spruce.