Here comes crisp weather, falling leaves, and hot pumpkin spice lattes. This means it’s time to decorate your front porch for the season. We’ve got you covered! Create the perfect fall front porch with these decorating ideas.

Stacking Pumpkins and Mums

Better Homes & Gardens suggest stacking a mix of pumpkins, mums, and fall décor to create a layered and full look on your front porch. If done right, this is the perfect attention drawer needed to show off your home.

DIY Wooden Sign

A vertical fall sign is the perfect companion to your front door. Paint the slab of wood a color that coordinates with your décor. Then pick a saying such as “hello, fall” or “welcome to our home.” Lastly, top it off with a bow! You can buy these signs, but a DIY project could save money and will add a sense personality to your doorstep.

Pick a Color Scheme

Fall colors used to be orange and black, but the times have changed. Choose a color scheme for your décor and stick with it for a coordinated and aesthetic look. Some popular themes are all white, taupe colors (washed out orange, blue, pink, and brown), or the classic burnt orange, black, and brown theme.

Lights and More Lights

During the day your doorstep may be SHINING, but make sure you illuminate the scene for a presentation just as great at nighttime. Simple white or orange outdoor lights will do the trick! Wrap them through your décor or frame your front door with them.

Add Some Nature

Finally, do not be shy when it comes to bringing nature to your display. From mums, to leaves, to greenery, use the outdoors to make your porch look natural and complete.

Don’t waste any time; go start creating your perfect fall front porch today! Stay connected with us for more on home décor, trends, and tips! Contact us for any of your mortgage loan needs.