Purchasing a home can be a challenging task, especially in today’s competitive housing market. It is important to understand what to prioritize when purchasing a home so you can make your home buying dreams a reality.

Determine Affordability 

Calculate your debt-to-income ratio to determine a realistic monthly mortgage payment. This number is based on your current income and any debt you may have.

Save for a Down Payment 

Set a budget and a timeframe for yourself to save for a bigger down payment and stand out from other buyers.

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Research the towns and cities you are looking to purchase a home in. Factors such as cost of living, school districts, businesses in the area, and crime statistics should all be considered before purchasing a home.


Evaluate what features and amenities are “must haves” in your home such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Consider if the home features you are looking for will have future resale value.

Improve Your Credit 

Work on increasing your credit score to help increase your pre-approval eligibility. Increase your credit score by paying off any revolving debt, increasing your credit limit, making payments on time, and refraining from opening any new lines of credit.

Getting Pre-Approved 

A pre-approval is a smart step to take to show your lender your creditworthiness. Prepare by gathering the following financial documents, past 2-year tax returns, paystubs, and other types of documentation your lender may require.

Finding A Good Realtor 

To help you make smart decisions during the home buying process, hire a professional real estate agent when buying a home. Conduct research and ask friends and colleagues for referrals to find an agent that is right for you.

It’s important to know what to prioritize when purchasing a home to ensure a seamless homebuying process.  Looking to get into your dream home? Contact one of our expert Loan Officers today to start the process!