Finding the right home for your family is one of the elements to consider while house hunting. Here are six tips to help you find a family-friendly neighborhood. Check out our blog, 7 Things to Prioritize When Purchasing a Home to ensure a seamless home buying process!  

  • Read Reviews: See what neighbors and the community have to say about the area. One way to do this is by looking for signs of a family-friendly neighborhood such as playgrounds, well-lit streets, and a quiet environment. 
  • Research School District: Conduct research on local school districts and educational programs in the area. Find out more about school statistics by using websites like which provide specific information about schools in the area. Furthermore, consider touring schools in the neighborhood.   
  • Proximity to Necessities: According to, it is crucial to make sure the location and distance to necessities are right for your family. Consider factors like the proximity of your child’s school and your commute to work. Additionally, research public transportation options and plan what your commute would look like in this area.   

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Ask the Right Questions:

What is the most important feature of a neighborhood to you? The Spruce reminds homebuyers to ask themselves the following questions to help determine what neighborhood would be best for their family. 

  • Quiet streets or a busier, active area?   
  • Walking to Amenities?   
  • Trees and parks?   
  • Proximity to shopping and restaurants.   
  • Older neighborhood or a newer development?   
  • Tight-knit community or anonymity?   

Things to check out:

  • Drive Around the Area: Spend time looking and walking through the neighborhood to envision if the location fits your family’s needs. Be on the lookout for any family-friendly activities offered in the community.  
  • Crime Statistics: Research the city’s crime statistics to help determine if the location you’re considering is a safe environment for your family. Furthermore, consider reading the local papers and crime reports to understand the crime and safety in the region. Check out our blog, 11 Most Effective Ways to Secure Your Home to ensure you take the proper security precautions in your home. 

Consider these tips to help your family find the perfect home in the right location for your needs. You can learn more about the mortgage process today by enrolling in our FREE Homebuying Courses! 


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