Direct Mortgage Loans Annual Step Challenge has concluded, and the results are in. The challenge spans approximately two weeks in April and is a way to promote a sense of community and encourage healthy habits among our staff. Employees can participate by capturing screenshots of their daily step counts. In total, DML took 1,090,847 steps from April 3rd – April 14th. Congratulations to our following winners! 🚶🎉 

  • 1st: Norma Alanis with 201,063 steps 
  • 2nd: Taylor Brewer with 192,104 steps 
  • 3rd: Anna Tommasello with 173,072 steps 
  • 4th: Liz Ukura with 164,090 steps  

Based on the results from our winners on the leaderboards, Direct Mortgage Loans participants walked over 516.5 miles in 11 days. This is equivalent to 9082 Football Fields!  

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