Looking to transform your home this Halloween Season? Have no fear, we’re here to provide inspiration to get your home ready for spooky season. Check out these easy DIY Halloween decorations for some easy, and budget-friendly ideas!  

Halloween Skulls

Add some spooky décor to your home by painting plastic skulls. You can transform plastic skulls with spray paint, glitter, or paint. Purchase plastic skulls at your local Dollar Tree or wait until later in the season when Halloween crafts go on sale. This DIY project is a quick and easy and is a great craft to do with kids!


Stacked Pumpkin Topiary

Pumpkins are a staple for Halloween décor! Create a stacked pumpkin topiary to add some spice to your home. Start with three craft pumpkins, crumpled paper, and pail of your choosing. To begin, add your crumpled paper to the inside of the pail to provide stability to the pumpkins. Once you have your pumpkins in position, hot glue the tops and bottoms and secure to the pail. Artificial flowers, leaves or straw can be added to finish it off! 

Halloween Lanterns

There are many different techniques to making your own Halloween lantern! Our favorites include decorating and painting mason jars, coffee cans, and paper lanterns with your favorite spooky design. Add a battery-operated candle to illuminate your lantern and be sure to check out our blog on Halloween Safety Tips!

Ghost Candles

This simple and budget-friendly, DIY décor is great for kids and adults. Best of all, it only takes a couple of minutes to create. Purchase tall white candles which can normally be found at Walmart or Target, and simply draw different ghost faces with black sharpie. Additionally, these make great gifts or favors for a Halloween party!

Bat Lamp

Transform your home with a flip of a switch by cutting out black bat silhouettes using cardstock and glue dots. Choose your silhouette and place the bats on the inside of the lamp shade; make sure the paper is not touching the light bulb to prevent overheating. Once they are attached, flip the switch to illuminate your home with spooky vibes!


Give one of these easy DIY Halloween decorations a try this year. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our blog on how to decorate the perfect fall front porch. If you are looking to purchase a home, contact one of our expert Loan Officers today!!