The moving process can seem like an overwhelming and stressful task to many. Check out our moving tips & tricks to prepare for the big day and take the stress out of moving!

1. Create a Moving Checklist

Before packing, consider making a moving checklist to keep track of what rooms and items you plan on packing first. Since the moving process can take time, creating a checklist is a great way to remember what items have been packed already so you’re not digging through boxes!

2. Declutter

Go through all your items and decide what you want to keep and get rid of before you begin packing. The more items you purge (or donate) the less you will have to pack and unpack. Download our Decluttering Checklist  to get the process started!

3. Leave Clothes on Hangers

Keep your clothes on their hangers and wrap them in garbage bags. This will help you save time and help keep clothes organized!

4. Put Your Soft Items To Use

Put your linens, towels, and blankets to use by using these items to wrap fragile, breakable items. This is a great way to wrap difficult objects and will also help you save packing space.

5. Label Boxes

Use bright colored labels or post-it notes to label all boxes with their contents. It’s important to organize boxes by room and category for a smooth and easy un-packing journey.

6. Schedule Utilities

Once you have an official move-in date, contact utility providers to schedule service at your home. Think electricity, water, and Wi-Fi!!

7. Keep Essentials with You

The night before your move, gather an essentials bag with items you will need readily available the next day. You can also store important medications, and paperwork in case any boxes get lost in the move.

8. Clean & Dust While Packing

Save time unpacking by cleaning and dusting items before packing them. This will ensure your new home will stay fresh and clean as you begin to unpack everything. 

9. Start Early

Pack as far in advance as possible. Moving can be a time-consuming task, so remember to leave yourself plenty of time to go through all your items.

10. Stock-Up On Supplies

Save yourself time by getting all of your moving supplies in one trip. Make a shopping list before heading to your local hardware store to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Apply these moving tips & tricks to help avoid common setbacks and ensure move-in day is a breeze. Looking to purchase a home? Contact one of our expert Loan Officers to learn more about our home buying process!