Did you know that your curb appeal could affect the value of your home? In today’s booming seller’s market, your home’s value could be maximized with simple upgrades or exterior renovations. Keep reading for curb appeal inspiration:


Adding a fresh coat of paint to your doors, windows, and/or house can make the biggest difference with first impressions. If you have a fence, a fresh coat can go a long way in enhancing this exterior feature.


Planting summery flowers, adding in new mulch, and shaping up trees and hedges will help give your home a warm and welcoming appearance. Hiring a landscaper to treat your lawn will also turn your dried out grass into a beautiful green carpet!

Power Wash

Power washing walkways, your deck, and the sides of your home will make the exterior clean and bright, getting rid of any dirt or rain residue that gave your home a dirty appearance.

Wash Your Windows

Giving your windows a wash will help get rid of the dirt and grime, making your home have an extra shine! Not only should you be washing your windows from the outside, but the inside too. This will look spotless from the street!

Whether you’re hiring a professional or doing it yourself, making the above changes this summer can make the biggest difference in your home’s sale!