When buying a home, the property it lies on is half the consideration. Whether or not to have a backyard can be a hard decision to make and may vary greatly depending on the occupants who will reside there. Here are our main pros and cons of having a backyard! 

Pros of Owning a Backyard 

To start with the positive aspects of owning a backyard: 

A Creative Space 

Having a backyard provides a creative space for you to decorate or add to your home! One may be able to design an outdoor oasis, provide a patio for guests, or a pool to swim in! Having an outdoor space gives you the ability to create a place to entertain, or a place to have privacy- it’s up to your imagination! Some trending ideas of backyard projects are: 

Adds Value 

Having a backyard adds great value to your home. It adds value in the fact that it gives you the space to add additions such as patios, decks, or a pool to the home. If you plan to sell and profit off the home in the future, a backyard may be a great consideration! 


Another pro of having a backyard is the ability to create a place for entertainment. Some entertainment ideas are a pool, hot tub, fire pit, patio, deck, soccer field, outdoor dining area, mini kitchen, or mini golf course! If you like hosting, this is a great addition. 

Cons of Owning a Backyard 

There are some negative aspects of having a backyard: 

Maintenance Costs 

Much like any part of the house, traditional and consistent upkeep will be required. When planning to have a backyard, you must plan for the maintenance costs. This could include mowing the lawn, gardening, pressure washing, etc. If you are interested and able to upkeep backyard maintenance yourself, and potentially reduce costs, some essential tools to have on hand are: 

All in all, having a backyard may be a great addition for curb appeal and entertainment. In addition, it provides the potential to add great value to the home. Prior to deciding whether or not to buy a home with a backyard, consider the personal pros and cons for your household and needs! If you are ready to buy a home, contact a team member today to get pre-approved!